Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges from Mombasa port to destination?

Charges are given per particular shipment according to details ie containers, measurements weight etc

How long does it take to move shipments from Mombasa to destination?

10 working days subject to all shipping documents at hand at least 8 days before the vessel arrives in Mombasa.

Can Ataco handle from FOB i.e. supplier?

Yes when given shipment details and physical pickup details.

What are the requirements to import goods in Uganda?

For commercial goods you must have pre-shipment inspection certificate for goods whose value exceeds $2000.

For personal effect one must first arrive in Uganda but have work permit or returning Ugandan citizens who has been away not less than 12 months and all goods must be used any new items are taxed accordingly.

What about insurance for any goods (shipments)?

Shipper/consignee is advised to insure these goods comprehensively.

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